What are Industrial Gases?

What are Industrial Gases?

What are Industrial Gases?

It is possible to list industrial gases and their types as follows;

• Liquid nitrogens,

• Oxygen gases,

• Carbon dioxides,

• Source Gases,

• Acetylenes,

• Hydrogen gases

• Helium gases The gas types we have mentioned above are among the most used gas types.

If you ask what is included in the industrial gas types, there are gas types that we have listed. Well, let’s answer another question that comes to mind;

What are Industrial Gases and Their Properties?

The most commonly used gas types in the industrial sectors are as follows;

Liquid Nitrogens

Liquid nitrogen is present in the atmosphere at a rate of 78%. This kind of liquid nitrogen, which is quite cold in its liquid state, has the functions of refrigerant safely. It has no colors. Also, it has no odor whatsoever. The absence of odors and colors of this kind of liquid nitrogen provides a great advantage.

Oxygen Gases

Oxygen gases, which have reactive properties, can react with many gases. Due to its flammable properties, it can be used extensively in industrial sectors. Oxygen gases have a very important property.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide, which has a high cooling capacity, weighs 1.5 times more than air. Carbon dioxide is also easily soluble in water. It also has acidic properties. For this reason, we have once again understood the importance of carbon dioxide.


Acetylene, which can turn into liquid at 18 atmospheric pressure and 1 degree, can cause extremely dangerous and deadly results if it is kept in liquid form. Due to the danger of acetylenes, we should avoid tests such as trial and error.

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Hydrogen Gases

Gases that can be liquefied at -253 degrees Celsius include hydrogen gases. This type of gas, which can be liquid at 253 degrees below 0 degrees, is equivalent to 2.1 kg of natural gas and 2.8 kg of oil in energy value. It can be obtained mostly from water. Hydrogen gases are very important today.

Helium Gases

Helium gases can be liquefied at -269 degrees. Helium gases, one of the coldest elements in nature, can also be used in industrial gas applications. Helium gases, the coldest element in nature, have flammable and explosive properties. Its thermal conductivity is quite high. For this reason, the danger of helium should be recognized.

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