Industrial Gas Applications

Tetra Gas offers nitrogen-methanol based furnace atmospheres as a mature alternative to endothermic or exothermic gas generators.

Protective Furnace Atmospheres for Metal Heat Treatment Processes

  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Nitrocarburizing
  • Nitriding
  • Subzero treatment
  • Brazing in vacuum or protective atmosphere
  • Neutral hardening, carburizing and nitriding in vacuum furnaces
  • Sintering

Tetra Gas offers nitrogen-methanol based furnace atmospheres as a mature alternative to endothermic or exothermic gas generators.

Nitrogen – methanol based atmospheres serve as the transport medium for carbon from the furnace atmosphere to the steel workpiece through enrichment with hydrocarbons. Controlled gas supply promises stable furnace atmosphere conditions, i.e., carbon potential and dew point.

Typical nitrogen-methanol base furnace atmosphere has lower dew point than an endothermic gas generator, with consistent gas composition.

Oxyfuel Combustion Systems for Metal & Mineral Smelting

  • Oxygen assisted combustion
  • Oxygen based combustion (Oxyfuel Combustion)
  • Furnace combustion system conversion

As an emerging alternative to classical “preheated air–fuel” combustion, oxygen based combustion can easily deliver throughput increase and reduced fuel consumption.

In this application, either oxygen can be fed for assisting the combustion or complete combustion system can be converted into oxyfuel combustion depending on the application and the requirements such as

  • Current operating conditions and the physical conditions of the equipments (air burners, preheating equipment, the furnace, raw material charge capacity, casting capacity)
  • Furnace type and design
  • Type material to be melted (frit, anode copper, aluminum)

Through a careful process evaluation, it may be possible to have reduced total heating cost savings.

Oxygen use promises

  • increase in combustion efficiency
  • Increase in thermal efficiency and product quality
  • Reduced fuel consumption per ton of product
  • Reduced stack gas volumes
  • Reduced particle emissions

Inerting Applications

Purging hazardous media with inert gases is a practical and effective method to provide safety conditions to working environment.

Additionally, inerting can be used to maintain quality in metal production through oxygen depletion over the molten metals, explosive or reactive fluids, etc.

Recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds

It is possible to re-liquify and recover vapors of volatile organic compounds that have economic value. Such vapors can be recondensed through special equipment utilizing liquid nitrogen, requiring project specific study.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food Preservation

Lifetime of packaged foods can be increased thorough utilizing nitrogen, carbondioxide and oxygen mixtures. Tetra Gas will provide assistance in selecting the right mixture and delivery scheme for your products

Food Freezing Applications and Food Freezers

Food freezing is a common method for long term preservation. In this application, either liquid carbondioxide or liquid nitrogen can be used as the refrigerant.

Liquid nitrogen in particular, prevents any change in taste as it does not dissolve in the foods unlike carbondioxide and as it cools down much faster compared to carbondioxide

Depending on the food properties (type, water content, size) and target production capacity, Tetra Gas

  • identifies the appropriate freezer type (tunnel, cabinet of box type)
  • designs liquid nitrogen / carbondioxide supply pipeline and control systems
  • conducts safety audits and installs alarm systems for oxygen asphyxiation