About Us Tetra Gas & Energy Technologies

In the industrial gas field, it has adopted the determination of the most economically ideal gas supply method for consumers and offering it to the service of its customers. 

In this direction, it offers its customers the ideal solution among bottled gas, bulk gas or on-site gas production systems, depending on the amount of consumption and the required purity value.

 In addition, the supply and engineering of the necessary equipment for industrial gas use, consultancy services in gas applications are among the main activities of the company.

We Care Customer

It has set out with the aim of being a business that can offer technological and economical solutions for the needs of the customer.​

Reneweble Energy

It offers wind and solar energy solutions for licensed and unlicensed electricity generation. In the field of Wind Energy, it offers its expertise in measuring pole installation, micrositing and energy production survey, turbine selection to the service of investors.

Environmentally Friendly

Caring about Occupational Safety and Occupational Health, adopting commercial and moral values, aiming to work collectively, aaring for its employees, valuing their thoughts and rights, following technology and constantly renewing itself, aiming to be in the position of providing technology rather than receiving technology, adopting the principle of being a pioneer in its field .