Engineering Services

Tetra Gas & Energy designs and installs gas systems and industrial gas plants matching your demanding process specifications (process gas composition, mass flow rate, temperature, pressure) and requirements in terms of safety, reliability and cost/performance balance.

  • Industrial gas filling plants
  • Cryogenic storage and filling plants
  • Gas regulation and measurement systems & stations
  • Gas conditioning systems
  • Nitrogen – Methanol based heat treatment furnace atmosphere supply systems
  • Gas control systems for heat treatment atmosphere
  • Helium leak test in vacuum furnaces
  • Troubleshooting in heat treatment furnaces
  • Acetylene central gas supply & distribution systems for high flow rates
  • Anhydrous ammonia evaporation, pressure regulation and measurement systems
  • Central gas supply and distribution systems for industrial and specialty gases
  • Super-isolated vacuum pipelines for cryogenic liquids
  • Gas storage and supply plants for all kinds of gases (flammable, corrosive, refrigerant)
  • Periodical test center facilities for pressure vessels