What are Industrial Mixture Gases?

What are Industrial Mixture Gases?

Industrial mixture gases are the name given to mixtures of gases that can be used for various purposes in today’s industries. Industrial mixing gases are obtained by mixing the required gases at certain levels and filling the tubes with pressure aids. The most commonly used mixing gases today are listed as follows;

Argon and Helium Mixture Gases:

Argon and helium are mixed gases created to increase the potentials of the mixed gases. It consists of mixing 80% helium gases with 20% argon gas.

Helium & Carbon Dioxide & Argon & Oxygen Mixture Gases

Helium gases, argon and carbon dioxide gases are mixed in order to increase their strength after being strengthened after the weld pool during the short arc. 7.5% argon, 90% helium and 2.5% carbon dioxide gas are mixed. These mixtures are made so that the arcs formed in short welding can be used actively. In addition, sufficient atmosphere is created from the weld pool and it enables the stainless steels to retain their properties. Another mixture gas from industrial gas mixtures is 69% Argon, 30% Helium and 10% Oxygen mixture gas. It is used to increase the weld pool. It ensures that arcs applied in the form of spray and pulses are formed more efficiently. Argon and carbon dioxide mixed gases: Welding with carbon dioxide gas alone can cause negative consequences such as unevenness on the seam surfaces and excessive overflow. In order to eliminate these negative results, 30% Argon gas is mixed with the carbon dioxide mixture gases. Thus, it is ensured that the weld pieces can be realized as coarser grains and will reduce the excess overflow rates.

How are Industrial Mixture Gases Obtained?

Industrial mixing gases, compressed air and special mixers are used to obtain mixing gas. After the gases are stored in the required amount with the help of special mixers, mixing processes are carried out. They also carry out filling operations with compressed air systems. Mixing gas types should definitely be taken into account when making mixing gases. In addition, while the mixed gases are being prepared, the mixture gas safety forms are kept and the most commonly used mixing gases are the welding mixture gases. Mixtures made using a mixing gas mixer are carried out by expert chemists. It is absolutely mandatory for chemists to make the necessary examinations during this mixture. The gas ratios are adjusted with the help of the mixing gas regulator. It is used for the storage and filling of steel tubes and industrial mixing gases.

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